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Nanlite Forza 500 and Pavotubes: A Dynamic Duo of Lighting Gear

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Creating Dynamic Visuals with the Nanlite System

I reached out to Nanlite because at the time we were looking for a new lighting system that we could use on many different styles of shoots. They were gracious enough to send us their product in return for a full blown review and testing by us. The Forza 500 and Pavotubes are seriously amazing.

Bringing Power and Precision to Your Shoots

The Forza 500 packs a punch with its impressive output of 66300 lux at 1 meter, making it perfect for larger sets or outdoor shoots. The Pavotubes, on the other hand, offer versatility in their size and shape, allowing us to create dynamic visuals for a range of projects.

Creating Dynamic Visuals with the Nanlite System

What's truly impressive about the Nanlite system is the precision of its color science. With a CRI rating of 98 and a TLCI rating of 95, we could trust that our footage would look true-to-life and require minimal color correction in post-production.

"The power output and proper color science behind these lights are spot on, no pun intended."

We wanted to create a video that showed off how dynamically you can use these lights. With tons of different modifiers and mounting options, we were able to achieve creating an awesome video. Whether it was a dramatic portrait, a sleek product shot, or a vibrant music video, the Nanlite Forza 500 and Pavotubes were up to the task.


Overall, we were thoroughly impressed with the Nanlite lighting system and would highly recommend it to any production team looking for a versatile, powerful, and precision-focused lighting solution.


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