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Off-road Madness: Hydrosilex product launch

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Offroading Land Rover Defender in NJ

At Blacksail Productions, we thrive on taking on challenges and producing amazing content for our clients. Recently, we partnered with Hydrosilex, an automotive car care company, to create a launch video for their new Offroad product. The task was to find a challenging off-road location close to NYC where we could put the product to the test.

After scouting locations, we found the perfect spot in a forest where we could push the limits of the product. We ran the vehicles through the mud and trees and captured some amazing footage for the launch video.

Finding the proper location for this shoot was the most memorable thing that happened. Reason being is that we wanted to show off this product in the right way, and the way to do that was through having large areas of mud, water, and dirt. The few weeks before the shoot we had little to no rain in the area so most areas didn’t have what we needed. After a lot of texts, phone calls, and location scouting to find the perfect area, we did. Luckily a few days prior it had rained fairly hard, so the location we ended up shooting at held enough water to create some truly epic scenery. - Sam Schwartz

The new Range Rover Defender was quite a blast Off-roading.

Hydrosilex Ceramic Off-road spray

The Hydrosilex Offroad product worked like magic. Just applying the spray on location with a simple spray and towel, we covered half of the car with the Ceramic Off-road spray. After taking the brand new Land Rover Discovery through its paces, through mud, through dirt we saw how well the product worked. The half of the car that had Hydrosilex applied took just a quick rinse at the carwash to get all the grime off; not even comparable to the other side of the car without the Hydrosilex.

Tackling all the variables

This was an intense project for Blacksail productions as we had to source the vehicle, scout locations, and get the gear and shoot on a rather tight schedule. But, we were very proud of the results and accepted the challenge. The launch video for Hydrosilex Offroad product was a huge success, and we were glad that our long-standing partnership with Hydrosilex culminated in such an incredible project.

At Blacksail Productions, we love going to unique locations and creating amazing content for our clients. This project was no exception, and we had a blast pushing the limits of the Hydrosilex Offroad product. We cannot wait for the next challenge that comes our way.


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