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PinkAid Roundtable Interviews

Updated: Mar 1

Capturing the Stories of Breast Cancer Survivors with PinkAid

Breast cancer is a topic that affects millions of people worldwide. It's a battle that many face every day, and it can be a difficult journey for both patients and their families. That's where PinkAid comes in. PinkAid is an organization that provides support and resources to breast cancer patients and their loved ones. This is why Blacksail Productions felt incredibly honored to be chosen to film roundtable discussions for PinkAid.

The filming itself was not an easy feat. The team had to use two cameras, with one on a Movi stedicam providing a wide angle shot, while the other was manned with a telephoto lens to switch between the speakers. This was all while dealing with the intense heat and humidity of the summer day. It was so bad that the team was forced to move indoors due to a sudden downpour, but they made it work. The team used Apurture lights, which showed their worth in their weather protection capabilities, and they quickly found another indoor location to continue filming.

Pinkaid: supporting Breast Cancer Patients

Despite the challenges, it was a fulfilling experience for the team to be a part of something so important. It was amazing to hear the stories of breast cancer survivors and their journey to recovery. PinkAid is a valuable organization, providing a lifeline to those who are going through a difficult time. To be able to capture these stories on film was truly an honor for Blacksail Productions.

"To be able to capture these stories on film was truly an honor for Blacksail Productions."

It's essential to use our talents and skills for projects that have real-world importance. Projects like PinkAid provide a platform for people to share their stories and struggles, creating an environment of support and understanding. We're grateful to have had the opportunity to work with PinkAid and to contribute to their mission in our own way. Breast cancer is a significant issue, and organizations like PinkAid remind us that we can all make a difference, no matter how big or small.

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