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Fight Life 2017

Reality doesn’t sleep. Our crew was put to the test while having to keep up with these MMA fighters 24/7.

Fight Lyfe is a reality T.V. pilot following amateur MMA fighters trying to make it big, while facing adversity every single day. We were tasked with following these fighters around for a few weeks, capturing how they train, life struggles, drama, and what would inevitably lead up to the big fight. Almost every single day while shooting we ran into scenarios that made our team have to adapt and pivot, because with reality T.V., you never know what’s going to happen next.

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  memories from the set  

"I think the point of cinematography... it is being subjective and objective, it is being engaged and yet standing back and noticing something that perhaps other people didn’t notice before, or celebrating something that you feel is beautiful or valid, or true or engaging in some way." - Christopher Doyle

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What it took

Sony a7sII, Red Gemini




5 Days


Behind the scenes

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