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G's Cleaning Services

G's Cleaning reached out to us because they needed a new promotional video for their business.

They specialize in high end carpet, upholstery, stone, wood, and leather cleaning. Their team is an absolute blast to work with, they are all extremely upbeat, and love to have fun while working. This made our job that much easier when creating this for them in this beautiful home. What we love most about working with G's, apart from them having an awesome team, is how clean we get to see the space afterwards once they work their magic on it. You can see that in the video with how much dirty water they collect.

Photo Oct 19, 6 03 50 PM_edited.jpg

  memories from the set  

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs

No matter how small or big the project we are here to help. We can't wait to work alongside you, contact us today to get started!

What it took

Sony a7III


New Jersey


1 Day


Behind the scenes

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