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Racemotive Event

Take a quick look at some of our favorite shots from over the years!

At this event which was held at Pocono Raceway, we were tasked with the challenge of keeping up with some of the fastest cars on the east coast. We knew we needed to capture this in a unique way, and what better way than to go side by side with some of these insane cars. Our camera car was a modified Toyota Supra MK5 pushing about 700 horsepower.

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  memories from the set  

"Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it." - Hannah Arendt

Now, normally these cars don't come with a tow hitch, so we had to custom fabricate one ourselves from scratch, and weld it to the frame of the car. To this day this Supra still has a tow hitch on it! Why did we do all of this? The Racemotive team hired us because they knew we could take what is an already exciting event and take it to an entirely new level. When a viewer watches a video of ours, they see the polished end product. But what they don't see are all of the challenges we overcome during pre-production that ends up creating that final polished video. The pre-production phase, in this case all of the prepping we needed to do with the Supra, as well as storyboarding. Is arguably the most important phase in a production. It lays the proper groundwork that leads to the outcome of the final product.

We rigged up the entire vehicle with speedrail, and Motocrane's SRB arm, paired with a Movi Pro and RED Gemini kit, our camera car was unstoppable on the track. That's the outside of the car, but the inside of the car had us looking like we were in a fighter jet. From the passenger seat of the car we could control and see everything that the camera is doing, this was made possible by Hollyland's wireless transmission system, and various other parts.

With this entire camera car setup, we were able to safely go 144mph, and we were able to keep up (or beat) with most of the cars throughout the day.

What it took

Sony a7III


Pocono Racetrack


2 Days


Behind the scenes

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