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Post Production

Our in-house post-production team kicks in to shape your story, handle color-correction, record any voice overs, clean up the audio, add music, create graphics and in general make sure your video looks exactly like we planned in pre-production. It is at this stage that you’ll see the first cut.

Final Revisions:
Once you have seen
the first cut, you’ll have
a chance to share your thoughts with us. If there is anything that needs to be revised, this is the stage that we do it in.

With the final cut complete and your approval signed-off, we create high quality files of your video that can be used for a variety of formats, be it for the web, trade shows or broadcast television.

 "Wonderfully designed >> beautifully designed.
Any day.

 - Daniel Burka

Adobe Premiere timeline.png
Photo Jul 08, 6 32 09 PM_edited.jpg
Red Gemini Camera Front Diagram.png

Justin Miale, Purefinity

“ What a great company to work with. Sammy is amazing and very easy to work with. They have a great eye for detail and deliver exactly what is requested. Been working with Black Sail for years for all of my video needs and every time they deliver above expectations. Cant say enough good things about this group! If you or anyone you know is looking for quality video productions and or photography… look no further.”

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