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Production Crew & Kits

Whether your production calls for a "one man band" style of shoot, 
or a "full on crew", we offer any and all types of kits.

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Depending on your production, sometimes you may need to be discreet. Whatever your needs be, we have the vans and crew to tackle the project. There are some productions that require just one man, and others that require an entire crew, we have you covered.

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From social media campaigns or website content, to full blown commercials, or documentaries, we have the experience for your business needs. Proper and compelling video content results in better brand awareness, and for many of our clients, a substantial growth in business. Our sister company, SchwaaFilms LLC, has generated over 25 million views on YouTube.
It is safe to say we know all about content creation
that actually works.


a military art. Prepare 
a film like a battle." 

 - Robert Bresson 

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