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Blacksail Productions is your go-to destination for automotive video production. Founded by Sam Schwaa, who has over 230K subscribers on his automotive channel and millions of views, Blacksail Productions brings years of experience and a larger crew to create more innovative and complex productions.



Blacksail Productions specializes in creating commercials for the automotive industry that showcase the unique features and selling points of your vehicles. From concept to delivery, we work closely with you to create a commercial that represents your brand and captures the attention of your target audience.



Our team has a passion for telling the stories behind the cars and the people who drive them. Whether it’s a feature on a classic car restoration or an inside look at a high-performance vehicle, we produce engaging and informative documentaries that captivate audiences.


Blacksail Camera Car

We also offer the use of our custom-built Blacksail Camera Car for high-speed automotive shoots. Our vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art camera stabilization technology and can capture stunning footage from any angle, whether it's on the track or on the road. With our experienced drivers and production team, we ensure a smooth and safe shoot every time.

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Take a quick look at some of our favorite shots from over the years! At this event which was held at Pocono Raceway, we were tasked with the challenge of keeping up with some of the fastest cars on the east coast. We knew we needed to capture this in a unique way, and what better way than to go side by side with some of these insane cars. Our camera car was a modified Toyota Supra MK5 pushing about 700 horsepower. Now, normally these cars don't come with a tow hitch, so we had to custom fabricate one ourselves from scratch, and weld it to the frame of the car. To this day this Supra still has a tow hitch on it! Why did we do all of this? The Racemotive team hired us because they knew we could take what is an already exciting event and take it to an entirely new level. When a viewer watches a video of ours, they see the polished end product. But what they don't see are all of the challenges we overcome during pre-production that ends up creating that final polished video. The pre-production phase, in this case all of the prepping we needed to do with the Supra, as well as storyboarding. Is arguably the most important phase in a production. It lays the proper groundwork that leads to the outcome of the final product. We rigged up the entire vehicle with speedrail, and Motocrane's SRB arm, paired with a Movi Pro and RED Gemini kit, our camera car was unstoppable on the track. That's the outside of the car, but the inside of the car had us looking like we were in a fighter jet. From the passenger seat of the car we could control and see everything that the camera is doing, this was made possible by Hollyland's wireless transmission system, and various other parts. With this entire camera car setup, we were able to safely go 144mph, and we were able to keep up (or beat) with most of the cars throughout the day.
Wolfsgart 12 "What Drives Us" | SchwaaFilms (4K)

Wolfsgart 12 "What Drives Us" | SchwaaFilms (4K)

*** Watch in 4K!!! *** Wolfsgart, THE show to be at in Vermont. The past few years I have covered this event, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of people that show up, and overall how friendly everyone is. Throughout the week there is always something going on that is hosted by the Wolfsgart team, and it really lets you get to experience Vermont in all of its glory. I decided to take a slightly different approach on this recap video and really incorporate more people, more interviews, more story. I want to give a HUGE thankyou to all who participated in making this years video come to life, you guys are what makes this possible. A special thankyou to the Wolfsgart team for always throwing an amazing event. Let's go!!!!!! SONGS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE DESCRIPTION ________________________________________________ Produced by: Wolfsgart Media & SchwaaFilms Directed by: Sam Schwartz Camera by: Sam Schwartz & Matthew Redman Edited by: Sam Schwartz Sound Design By: Zachary Fredette & Sam Schwartz Colored by: Nicholas Calabro ________________________________________________ My automotive filmmaking course, learn everything here: Current gear list (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, commisionsearned.): CAMERA: Sony A7S III: Sony A7IV: Camera Cage: Sony 24-70 2.8 G master lens - Sony 70-200 2.8 G master lens - LIGHTING: Aputure 300D MK2: Aputure 120D MK2: Aputure lightdome II: Aputure lightdome mini II: Rosco color effects gels: Nanlite Pavotube RGBW 30c 4 tube kit: MONITORS: Atomos Ninja V+: Hollyland Mars M1 Monitor Transmitter/Receiver: AUDIO: Zoom H5 Recorder - Sennheiser AVX wireless mics - Tascam DR-10 recorder - Sennheiser MKE600 shotgun mic - Sennheiser MKE-2 Lav Mic- WIRELESS VIDEO: Hollyland Mars 4K Wireless Transmission: Hollyland Mars M1 Monitor Transmitter/Receiver: GIMBAL: DJI RS3 Pro Combo: Freefly Movi Pro DRONE: DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Fly More Combo: Inspire 2 X7 Full cinema kit - MISC: Insta 360 One X2: GoPro Hero 9 Black - CAMERA CAR ARMS: Movmax arm kit: Motorcane SRB ________________________________________________ Music (In order of appearance): Nightcap - Feel So Alive | Memphis. - Wish Upon A Star | AM1984 - Las Vegas Strip | AM1984 - T-800 | Memphis. X Michael O’Connor - GTR | Duke Herrington - Up In Smoke | PALA - Loch Ness Lasers | Memphis. - Tomorrow | Arc De Soleil - Jam On Easter Island | Clepsydra - Silent Clouds | Heyson - Thrill Her | lVST - Lightspeed | AM1984 - Night Sentinels | Nightcap - Soul On Fire | Hallmore - It’s Her | Retroxx - The Pact |
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