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Blacksail Productions is your go-to destination for automotive video production. Founded by Sam Schwaa, who has over 230K subscribers on his automotive channel and millions of views, Blacksail Productions brings years of experience and a larger crew to create more innovative and complex productions.



Blacksail Productions specializes in creating commercials for the automotive industry that showcase the unique features and selling points of your vehicles. From concept to delivery, we work closely with you to create a commercial that represents your brand and captures the attention of your target audience.



Our team has a passion for telling the stories behind the cars and the people who drive them. Whether it’s a feature on a classic car restoration or an inside look at a high-performance vehicle, we produce engaging and informative documentaries that captivate audiences.


Blacksail Camera Car

We also offer the use of our custom-built Blacksail Camera Car for high-speed automotive shoots. Our vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art camera stabilization technology and can capture stunning footage from any angle, whether it's on the track or on the road. With our experienced drivers and production team, we ensure a smooth and safe shoot every time.

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