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Midnight Gotham

Filming through Manhatten between 10 P.M. and 4 A.M.

Creating and shooting automotive features is one of our favorite things to do. For this shoot, we decided to wing it and go with no plan, strictly run and gun. All we know is that we wanted to shoot in NYC at night, and have a very moody vibe to the video. The great thing about NYC, in and near Times Square specifically, is that there are lights that can always add a bit of extra flair to footage.

Photo Oct 19, 6 03 50 PM_edited.jpg

  memories from the set  

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You’ll see in the video there are scenes we specifically orchestrated to have the light hit our subjects in a unique way. We are able to capture beautiful rolling footage by using our custom made car rig in the front and back of our camera car.

What it took

Sony a7III


Manhattan, NY


1 Day


Behind the scenes

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