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Transparent Windshield Warranty

Transparent, your aftermarket car care warranty company.

They let us have A LOT of fun on their new commercial campaigns. For this commercial we were tasked with dropping a 500lb boulder through a car windshield. This is absolutely no easy task. After sourcing the boulder, we had to safely rig the boulder to a crane to be able to release it onto the vehicle. This took a lot of pre-planning and coordination. On any shoot safety of the crew is the top priority no matter what.

Photo Oct 19, 6 03 50 PM_edited.jpg

  memories from the set  

"Design adds value faster than it adds costs." - Joel Spolsky

No matter how small or big the project we are here to help. We can't wait to work alongside you, contact us today to get started!

What it took

FS7 & Kinefinity Mavo


Long Island


1 Day


Behind the scenes

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