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Studio Med Lights Up Times Square: A Cinematic Collaboration

Updated: 13 hours ago

We're thrilled to share our recent collaboration with @studiomedaesthetic, a luxury concierge service specializing in premium on-demand in-home medical and aesthetic services across the New York City area, including Upstate New York, Long Island/Hamptons, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Studio Med operates under a 24/7 concierge model, ensuring that patients and clients have convenient access to flexible medical care and aesthetic services in the comfort of their own spaces. From homes and offices to hotel rooms and backstage locations, Studio Med brings top-tier healthcare and aesthetics right to your doorstep. The best cookie I've had in years. Thank you! –Jane Williams

Here, it’s time to write your first, mouthwatering paragraph. Whether it's a cookie or a tart, every enticing recipe post starts with a good origin story. Describe how you came up with this recipe, what inspired you, what your family or friends liked most about it, etc. Hook readers in and show off your personality by being open and honest, or even funny! Include a number of undeniably tempting pictures under your first paragraph to get your reader enthusiastic.

Lights, Camera, Action in Times Square

The excitement doesn't stop there! Our recent video shoot took us to the iconic Times Square, where we had the privilege of capturing stunning visuals with the RED camera and Freefly system. It was an incredible experience, and here are the results:



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