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We went to Yellowstone to capture Moto Guzzi Experience!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Creating Engaging Content for Moto Guzzi: A Unique Motorcycle Rally Experience

We embarked on an unforgettable journey to Yellowstone National Park, driven by the excitement of capturing the Moto Guzzi Experience. The Piaggio Group approached us to document their Moto Guzzi Experience, taking place in the picturesque landscapes of Montana, Wyoming, and Yellowstone. This endeavor required us to adapt to the fast-paced nature of the event and capture dynamic angles, leading us to incorporate our Blacksail Camera Car equipped with the versatile MovMax Arm and multiple cameras.

While our lead filmmaker, Sam, has captured numerous travel customer experiences, including the Ford GT40 Challenge and Ferrari Customer Experience, this motorcycle rally presented a unique opportunity. The proximity of the riders to the camera allowed for a more immersive interaction, highlighting the varied ages and diverse backgrounds of the participants, setting it apart from other rallies like the R2R. The journey unfolded with a multitude of stops, extending beyond just food, where the group explored museums, admired breathtaking nature overlooks, and engaged in a thrilling historic old-west gun shooting session. Even our accommodations, such as the cozy log cabins in Cody, added to the overall uniqueness of the experience.

During the rainstorm we had to shoot the old school way: out the back of the window.

In addition to documenting the thrilling adventures, we dedicated ourselves to creating captivating content for Moto Guzzi to utilize. Shooting while maneuvering a heavy car loaded with pelican cases and rigged rear seats for secondary cameras posed its challenges. The new V100 as well as the V85 bikes were quite nible. Being Italian the bikes come alive at high RPMs and like to be pushed on the top end. However, with the reliable MoviMax featuring the Ronin RS3 and a7s3, we effortlessly maintained stability and agility, even at speeds of up to 90mph, keeping up with the bikes on every corner.

Our lightweight travel monitor, the Hollyland Mars M1, allowed for quick and convenient monitoring, while the Ronin/Tilta setup ensured precise camera controls. We also relied on a secondary camera, the FX3, equipped with a shoulder rig, Tilta handles, and a zoom motor to capture additional angles and shots.

The MovMax Arm allowed us to achieve dynamic and immersive shots, adding a thrilling dimension to the Moto Guzzi rally footage.

Navigating the fast-paced nature of the motorcycle rally while capturing drone footage, drive-throughs, and other content was no easy feat. However, our team embraced the challenges and pushed creative boundaries to deliver an exceptional final product. Along the journey, we encountered remarkable moments in Yellowstone, despite braving a strong thunderstorm on the first day. From witnessing mountain goats and foxes up close to observing buffalo and encountering a Grizzly bear with her two cubs, the wildlife encounters left us in awe.

Exploring Yellowstone's breathtaking landscapes and encountering wildlife up close provided us with unforgettable moments that we were privileged to document.

This trip was an incredible adventure, and we are eagerly looking forward to further collaborations with the Piaggio Group. Our partnership enabled us to document the Moto Guzzi Experience in the stunning backdrop of Yellowstone, creating a visual story that captures the essence of this extraordinary motorcycle rally. Stay tuned for more exciting projects as we continue to push boundaries and create captivating content. And if you are into riding yourself check out the other amazing experience in USA, Europe and Africa that Moto Guzzi offer.

The GoPro did not like this corner :D The camera got a scraped corner.

Exploring Yellowstone: Wildlife Encounters and Unforgettable Moments



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