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Hollyland M1 Wireless Video Monitor Review: Simplicity and Reliability

Updated: May 2, 2023

Our Experience with the Hollyland M1 Wireless Video Monitor

Blacksail Productions has always been an advocate for the Hollyland products and has used three different generations of their wireless video systems as well as the audio comm system. Recently, we had the opportunity to test the Hollyland Mars M1 wireless monitor, and we couldn't be more impressed.

During the Queen of the World Pageant, Blacksail had the chance to push the Mars 400 to its limit side by side next to a Terradeck during a live, pay-per-view event. Despite experiencing interference from both devices, Blacksail continued to use these wireless systems daily, knowing their limits.

Features of the Hollyland M1 Wireless Video Monitor

One of the biggest advantages of the Hollyland Mars M1 is its cost, which makes it an obvious choice. With the Mars M1, there is no need to buy a separate monitor and a whole kit with bunch of clamps and rigs to combine into a director's monitor. It functions as an all-in-one transmitter, receiver, and monitor solution, and you can switch between the transmitter and receiver modes on the monitoring screen. One transmitter can work with up to two receivers or four mobile apps. The Mars M1 can also be used together with the Mars Pro and 4K series to reduce the number of devices required for a more efficient shooting experience.

Conclusion: Hollyland M1 is Simple and Reliable

Overall, the Hollyland M1 wireless video monitor is a fantastic product for any filmmaker looking for simplicity and reliability in a wireless monitor. While it would be great to see a larger version for certain applications, the M1's current size and features make it a valuable tool on set. With its ease of use and reliability, the Hollyland M1 is a monitor that we highly recommend to other filmmakers.



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